Since taking on plot 3, the plot next to us (in an L shape) at one of the busiest times of the year. We have been working when time allowed on clearing, clearing and a little more clearing.

It looks as though, underneath all of the undergrowth, are some slabbed pathways and as I have mentioned before some great features.

In order to make the task manageable, we have been doing a bit at a time, firstly clearing of debris, strimming and then covering.  There looks to be quite a few fruit bushes (raspberry and gooseberry that are quite randomly placed. I’m thinking that I will have a little rearrange in the winter when they are dormant.

I hope that by the time the spring comes around, I will be able to uncover and plant with minimal effort much of the plot.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll continue to clear, tidy and cover and also have a few small fires to get rid of some of the old wood.

All exciting stuff!!



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