Organising Seeds for the Year Ahead

Each year, before I start ordering I like to take a look through all of the seeds that I already have. Invariably I end up with a few stashes here there and everywhere. My first job is to gather them all up and bring them home from the allotment.

Moving the Rhubarb

With the plan to use one of our, now three plots, as a low maintenance ‘fruit plot’. I had been waiting for the best time to relocate our rhubarb plants from their current position on our first original plot to this new space dedicated just to fruit. It also gives me a chance to cover…

Back to the plot and we were in for a shock!

Back to the plot and we were in for a shock! It’d been a couple of weeks since we visited and things have gone a little mad! In short there’s stacks to be getting on with, mainly weeding and tidying but lots of harvesting too!

A Busy Little Plot!

The plot has been fantastically busy of late and we are taking home lots of fresh fruit and veg! Such a great feeling after so much work!

Walks in the Rain

A birthday party invite last weekend took us out into the pouring rain to drop our little man off for fun in the woods (a great party idea by the way). Not having a lot else to do, me, hubby and little lady thought we’d take a nature walk of our own. Despite the opening…

The Allotment in Spring Time!ย 

It’s been a busy time of things here! This spring is the first that I’ve actually been able to get some seeds started ready for the allotment and we’re all finding it very exciting! Our first spring on the plot was a little less organised, not for lack of hard work, but we just didn’t…

Nick Bakers Worm World / Worm Farm

I thought it would be a great idea to ask Father Christmas to bring my little man a one of these fantastic sets to create his very own worm habitat!ย 

My Indoor Allotment Jobs

We finally have our first snow of the year today here in Derbyshire! Although this is all very exciting for the kids, it did mean that our planned Sunday morning at the allotment went out of the window so to speak! I’ve put together a little list of things to do that we can be…