Throw In The Trowel?

Settling down for a day at my desk this week, when thankfully I received a text message to let me know, shall we say, that my allotment shed was not quite where I had left it! It’s a familiar story over the winter when the winds get up. Now that the MET office are naming storms, I can say quite bizarrely that “Gareth took my shed” along with plenty of other allotment structures nationally by the sound of it.

Onwards and Upwards

I don’t think it’s uncommon for allotmenteers to tend to their plots sporadically, for those of us that attempt to juggle work, family and the allotment, it can sometimes be a struggle to keep all of those balls in the air! This has certainly been the case for me of late. After a summer of…

As Summer Draws to a Close

It’s hard to believe that it’s approaching the end of August, the children will soon be back at school and the nights well and truly drawing in. The allotment is far from what I would be happy with in terms of appearance and organisation but despite the unusually warm weather we have done better than…

Easter Ground Preparations

We are not particularly big fans of either method of dig or no dig and are pretty open minded to both still, continuing to experiment as we go along, this gives us somewhat of a patchwork plot, some covered with a layer of organic matter for the winter, some parts covered with plastic and membrane and others simply winter dug over. I quite like the variety.