Well a fair bit has happened since I last wrote. On almost filling up our original plot, it came to the time a month or so ago when the pumpkin plants were ready to go out. On having either planted or allocated the majority of the space we had I was left scratching my head as to where to grow them (I fully intend to work on my planning more!). Anyway, to cut a long story short, a chat with the site manager had me taking on a new nearby smallish corner plot, well set with plenty of fruit (raspberries, gooseberries and red currant).

Fruit trees from Dobies online
Runner beans going straight into the ground
Planting the leeks out
Planting pumpkins, leeks and romanesco

I threw myself into the task of getting it fenced off and in good enough condition to get the pumpkins in.
With plans to make this a ‘fruit plot’ eventually, I also bought some bargain fruit trees (peach, plum and apple) in the Dobies sale and popped those in too.

Just a few weeks after that, a plot that I had wanted for some time, mainly because we could just open our fence and connect to it to make a large L shaped plot became up for grabs. I’d always said that if was ever given up that I would happily take it on.

Plot 3 showing plot 1 just next door
Plot 3 showing sheds


It’s a funny situation now that I probably wouldn’t have taken the corner plot on if the adjoining one had become available first, but, having fenced off the corner plot, tidied and set much of it, I’m reluctant to give it up. So the decision was made, I was keeping all three!

One of the tasks ahead of me now is to get the third plot under control, it’s been neglected for some time, but does come with some great features and two sheds. We’ve made a flying start, along with some great help from the site manager and his wife.

Also, some planning really is in order to make the best use of the space (750 square metres ish). Any ideas appreciated. As I mentioned, I’m thinking of making the corner plot entirely fruit and as low maintenance as possible and a few wild and wonderful ideas.

I’ll keep you posted!


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