For us, the end of the school year is fast approaching and thoughts have turned to wrapping up work projects (at Evoke Visual), checking travel arrangements and digging out the cases.


I think that this year will be different, in that the allotment is also going to need a little holiday planning too in order to not lose any plants or crop in our absence. The main concern is going to be the tomatoes, cucumbers and seedlings that we have this year in our makeshift greenhouse and grow tunnels.

Here’s my ideas and arrangements so far, comments and bright ideas appreciated!

  1. I’ve asked our lovely allotment neighbour to pop in and water the greenhouse, I am of course happy to return the favour!
  2. I’ll leave watering cans (we seem to have gathered a few) full with water to make the job a little easier. I’ve also heard that watering directly with cold water can shock the root system, that’s not to say that we don’t do that now and then though!
  3. Any helpers are always welcome to our produce whilst we are there, this is really useful for crops such as peas to keep them producing and is also a really nice way of thanking someone for helping. A bottle of Sangria on return wouldn’t go a miss either!
  4. I may in the future set up a water butt with a hose drip system to slowly water plants but I think I’ll need a little research on this one.
  5. Before leaving we’ll give everything a really good soak.
  6. Everything available will be picked and either eaten or frozen ahead of our departure.
  7. Grass clippings from the last lawn mowing will be spread amongst more vulnerable plants in the ground to retain moisture and suppress weeds. I think most of the crop in the ground will be fine unattended though.

Let the countdown begin!

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