Easter Ground Preparations

We are not particularly big fans of either method of dig or no dig and are pretty open minded to both still, continuing to experiment as we go along, this gives us somewhat of a patchwork plot, some covered with a layer of organic matter for the winter, some parts covered with plastic and membrane and others simply winter dug over. I quite like the variety.

Organising Seeds for the Year Ahead

Each year, before I start ordering I like to take a look through all of the seeds that I already have. Invariably I end up with a few stashes here there and everywhere. My first job is to gather them all up and bring them home from the allotment.

Walks in the Rain

A birthday party invite last weekend took us out into the pouring rain to drop our little man off for fun in the woods (a great party idea by the way). Not having a lot else to do, me, hubby and little lady thought we’d take a nature walk of our own. Despite the opening…

The Allotment in Spring Time!Β 

It’s been a busy time of things here! This spring is the first that I’ve actually been able to get some seeds started ready for the allotment and we’re all finding it very exciting! Our first spring on the plot was a little less organised, not for lack of hard work, but we just didn’t…

Soaking the Sweet Peas for Germination

Last year at the allotment there were so many plot holders with such gorgeous sweet peas growing that this year I was determined not to miss out.    We have a few spots planned at the allotment for adding in some canes for the sweet peas. I was also planning on having some at home…