How quickly the months are flying by, can you believe it’s almost the start of the Christmas countdown!! I’m still finding myself with plenty to do at and for the allotment. Here are my November missions…

  • Sow the sweet peas at home (rollover from October)
  • Winter digging and more winter digging!
  • Relocate the raspberries
  • Check on the Arctic King lettuce & thin out if needbe
  • Sow peas in pots in the greenhouse
  • Prune the gooseberry bush
  • General tidy up
  • Neaten & weed pathways
  • Clean & store unused tools (I bring them home as I don’t have a shed yet)
  • Make seed tapes ready for spring (blog post coming soon)

Featured Image: © Laukas | Dreamstime Stock Photos

2 thoughts on “November Missions! 2015”

  1. Hi Sarah, sounds a great list.. I pruned the gooseberry bush last week, when I thinned out the raspberries.. Great tip about sowing the peas early 🙂 thank you so much for stopping by my Dreamwalker Garden blog.. I comment using my main blog as I do not get the replies in the notification column otherwise .
    Happy Gardening and enjoy Bonfire Night 🙂

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