I’ve wanted to move our raspberry canes for a while. Their first position was literally the area that we began to dig over when we took on the plot. Now that I’m ready to start planning with a little more thought, it was time to get them on the move!

The area that I had in mind was at the very back of the plot. I’m told by my lottie neighbour that they make great windbreaks (which we are much in need of) and are more than hardy enough to stand up to the job. I’d also like a little more privacy for our planned ‘secret garden’ pond, wildlife and picnic area, so this will be a great start towards that!

Our plants our Autumn fruiting, despite there being a few berries still being produced, I felt they had slowed enough to transplant them. I decided to move them before pruning back to get a good idea of what they would look like in the spring.

Having already begun spreading membrane towards the back of the plot and generally tidying up, I began moving them to their new position in the membrane. I will have to open this up a little in the spring to allow for new growth, but for now, it should be fine. I hope!

After moving and feeling happy with the layout, I then pruned them back to about 20cm. Happy moving day, raspberries!

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