1. Royal Horticultural Society Membership!
    Days out in gorgeous gardens…perfect!
  2. A Rather Posh Trowel and Fork Set
    For the glamorous gardener!
  3. A Traditional Trug
    Just when harvests couldn’t get any more exciting!
  4. Gardeners World Magazine Subscription
    For a monthly dose of inspiration
  5. Plant Pot Maker Kit
    Endless fun when sowing seeds!
  6. Cut Flower Seed Collection
    For endless bouquets!
  7. Sarah Raven Gift Vouchers
    For when you really can’t decide!
  8. Message Beanstalk Seeds!
    Seeds etched with little messages! Simply magical!
  9. Personalised Garden Sign
    Add your own little message or name for the lottie
  10. Garden Label Printer
    A little something for the neat and organised!

Featured Image: © Jinyoung Lee | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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