Our homemade patchwork greenhouse has served us well for the past few years and despite still left standing from all of the storms we have endured it was definitely a little worse for wear. Having recently started off some lettuce seeds in there that drowned from all of the leaks in the roof, enough is enough!

Stripped Greenhouse Frame – What a Mess!

We have taken this opportunity (it’s fairly empty) to restrengthen and recover. Well, when I say recover I mean to make use of all the odds and sods bits of plastic and glass we have. Including an old patio door, old shower doors and abandoned greenhouse parts. All left by previous plot holders. I do have a large sheet of plastic to use too (that we have been kindly given).

Some of the Old Plastic and Glass we have to Recycle

Now, this isn’t going to be pretty but it does recycle a lot of junk that would otherwise be going to landfill. We’re getting quite used to ‘working’ the crazy looking structures that we make.

The Beginnings of the Reconstruction

It’s one of those projects where things look far worse before they begin to look better but not to worry! I’m thinking of making some really hard-wearing bunting from waste plastic too…plastic bottle rope and butter tubs!

If you’re in need of a greenhouse and want to do it the crazy Digging the Earth recycle way, you can visit our Pinterest board of recycled greenhouse ideas here:

Please do tag us in any of your allotment creations, we are always looking for inspiration!


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