It wasn’t until very recently that I discovered the joys of hunting for antiques and vintage items. This along with my allotment love offered up some very exciting prospects. I had no idea of how many items I would view with renewed vigour with the thought in mind of how I could use them in our allotment or garden.


A trip to Victoria Auctions & Antiques Centre in Mansfield offered a veritable treasure trove of goodies and got my imagination racing with visions of a gorgeous English country garden-esque plot stuffed with heritage veggies!


I think the hunt for vintage originals may become as addictive as the plot itself!



For further inspiration I strongly recommend hunting down your local antique centres and reclaims yards! You can also visit my “Vintage Dreams” board by clicking on the image below.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 20.51.40

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