This morning I checked the weather and upon seeing that it looked great I decided to have a little reschedule and get myself up to the allotment! One of the perks of working for myself and at home is that I’m able to switch to working afternoons and evenings and make the most of the daylight.


In looking at the sorry state that was the remains of the old strawberry patch, I decided to get that cleared and try my hand at some winter lettuce. The pack of ‘Arctic King’ seeds was part of the freebies at Gardeners World Live this year.


It took me a good hour or so to get the bed cleared, but not as long as it would have if the ground wasn’t so wet from all of the rain that we’ve had this week.


I sowed 3 rows of seeds, then covered with some old polythene grow tunnels which were just from the Pound Shop earlier in the year. Just for that little extra bit of protection and to get them germinating, I then added a cover of fleece too.




Fingers crossed that they will take ok!

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