At the end of September I began the arduous task of weeding the strawberry patch. An absolute nightmare! So much horseradish and dandelion had sprouted up in between the strawberry plants that it just became impossible to dig the weeds out without removing the plants, so I decided to relocate to an area that I had covered over with membrane shortly after taking over the allotment last year. A ready made patch. All I planned to do was cut slits in the fabric and pop the plants in!


It didn’t take too long really to get the plants into their new home, first row of mainly runners, second and third rows of more established plants.



I found that with the huge amount of strong runners, I had far more plants than I was expecting left over, a couple I gave to my lovely lottie neighbour Angie (The Barefoot Gardener) and some I have brought home to pot up on the drive. The rest that I couldn’t bare to throw on the compost heap I have been trying to find a little home for around the lottie.


When first digging over the plot I unearthed an old hanging basket, completely battered but I’ve tried to bring it back to life with a couple of runners. You can never have too many strawberries right?



Hopefully the plants will be happy with their new view, and next winter we will have a good stock of strawberry jam!

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