“I don’t have time for an allotment”, I hear this phrase a lot when speaking to people, even in passing if I say that I perhaps I’m popping to the plot to do something or collect veg.

It’s that age old thing that you have time for whatever you make time for, it’s all about priorities, what’s important to one family is less important to another. I suppose the same goes for other pursuits such as exercise or going to the gym. There’s not an infinite amount of free time available so you choose where to spend what you do have.

I had a friend tell me they don’t ‘have time’ to spend making jams, let alone growing the produce to make them with. In just this same way, I don’t ‘have time’ to stay out partying until 4am as they frequently do, it’s different strokes for different folks, lets be honest about it.

For me, an allotment is not a chore, I have never seen it as such. It’s my exercise my relaxation and my ‘me time’ I choose to spend time there over other activities such as watching TV. I struggle to sit still long enough, especially after a day at my desk. I love the outdoors and the satisfaction of eating and feeding my family home grown food.

Admittedly life often throws a curve ball now and then and knocks you off track, but on the whole I make time for it and try to consider where I spend my ‘free time’, to really make sure I’m doing something I want to do not something I’m in the habit of doing.


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