One of the few veg I absolutely have to plant each year is the broad beans, with varying success each time but as you can see from the photo’s I’m please to say that our broad beans thus far are doing rather well! These were planted into some general compost on the 11th of November and wrapped toasty in the greenhouse, by the look of it I should be potting them on ASAP!!

I decided to sow half of our seeds to over winter and leave the other half to sow in the early spring. There seems to be much debate over which is best and if there really is any point in over-wintering at our allotment site, but for me, it’s always nice to have some lovely green foliage to plant out early doors, makes me feel productive! I’m sure the rest will soon catch up though.

Any opinions on which is the most effective or anyone like me and do a bit of both? I do think this particular variety, the Aquadulce, is intended for Autumn and Winter sowing, but a little gardening experimentation never hurt anyone, right?

I may also try some spring sowings of Witkiem Manita which are intended for spring sowings. In my book you can never have enough broad beans!

Any bean favourite varieties or growing tips welcome!


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