Having spent just a couple of half days ‘up the allotment’ over the past couple of weeks, with a clear list of jobs, we seem to have gotten a lot done!!

Plot 3 now fenced in!

Finally, we have done what we first intended when taking on the third plot, which was to fence it and then add in an entrance so that we can walk straight though from plot 1, thus making one large L shaped plot. Getting this done has not only helped in physically not having to walk around to get to the plot but it feels better, more like it’s really our space.

So the plan is now that we have ‘the plot’ which is the two plots joined together and opposite, on the corner, we have the ‘fruit plot’, which I am working towards this being all of our fruit together and as low maintenance as possible, there’s only so many hours in a day!

Bonfire night on the fruit plot

With Bonfire night having been and gone, the look of the fruit plot changed somewhat as we said a final goodbye to the chicken coop, having packed it with wood over the past few months, it’s safe to say that it burnt well!! Leaving us with a better space and a lot less scrap wood lying about. It’ll need a good clear up to remove and leftover metal bits, but it’s a step closer to being a useful space.

Hot chocolate and beer


We also managed to get a few garlic cloves in, our first planting’s in the new larger space! I’ve not grown standard garlic before, but they are showing good signs of growth already so fingers crossed. Garlic is one of those foods that we use a lot of, so it’s about time I started growing some.


I’ve also sown around 50 broad bean seeds and have them in plastic propagators in the cleaned out greenhouse. There seems to be divided opinions as to whether these early showings actually benefit at all but I thought I’d do the same as last year and do half and half with our seeds.

A tidy greenhouse!…whatever next!

Other than that, I have some onions ordered, which I’ll ensure to get in as soon as I have them and I’ll continue with winter digging as much as my back can handle and developing and enlarging my no dig areas.

Still plenty to do!

Sarah x

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