Happy New Year!

After a really difficult 2016, unfortunately our time at the allotment tapered off in the last quarter of the year and boy did I miss the place. Now here we are, a brand new year and a fresh start, I’ve been doing a spot of allotment shopping and I can’t wait to get cracking!

Initial plans are to replace the makeshift fencing that we made when we first got hold of the plot with something a little more permanent. I’ve bought some green coated wire fencing and plenty of posts.

Plans also involve all of the winter digging, chicken poop spreading and covering the beds to hopefully warm them up so that they’re all prepped and good to go as soon as spring arrives.

In order to get myself through the cold days, I’ve invested in a small camping stove for the shed, just to warm the place through and get some coffee on or maybe some soup. Little touches that just make me more likely to head up to the plot on days when I might otherwise have been put off.

All in all, there’s plenty to be getting on with!

Sarah x

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