January at an Allotment in Derbyshire!

We kicked off the year with a trip to Iceland, which was absolutely fantastic. It’s back to reality now, and I’m happy to say I don’t mind returning to work. It’s also that special time of year when we begin to plan the allotment and the growing season ahead. It’s no secret that our allotment has been neglected, but we shall enter the year with positivity and a determination to grow our own food again; I yearn for those summer months, wandering around the plot with my basket, harvesting something fresh for tea.

Pruning the Gooseberry Bush

A very lovely lottie neighbour of ours gave us our first gooseberry bush this time last year. It did really rather well over the summer producing more fruit than I was expecting.  I have recently moved the plant down to the bottom of the plot nearby the redcurrant, so that they can both share the…