I’ve had lots of fun over the past couple of months creating my plan for our dream allotment and here it is!

There’s no hard and fast rules about sticking to this but I’m happy to have a great guide in my pocket of how I saw things fitting in at the beginning of the year.

We’ll also be dotting in little homes for wildlife along our way too!

I look forward to taking photos throughout the year and let you know how we get on with each area.

Sarah x


5 thoughts on “Our Allotment Plan 2016”

  1. Haha thank you! It is to scale but that’s not to say I will do it perfectly in practice. I work in 50cm squares. I think even if it’s not too precise it can help to have a rough idea of where things are going and then just change as need be. I’m lucky that I can use my work software Adobe Illustrator xxxx

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