Last year at the allotment there were so many plot holders with such gorgeous sweet peas growing that this year I was determined not to miss out.


We have a few spots planned at the allotment for adding in some canes for the sweet peas. I was also planning on having some at home this year, near our driveway gates so that we can sample that gorgeous scent every time we arrive home. Not to mention the display of colour that they give!

Earlier in the week I began by “nicking” the hard cases of the seeds in order to allow moisture to penetrate more easily. Today with the kids eager to get started we put them to soak in some tepid water. As advised on the packet, germination will take place around 20 degrees centigrade, we will then grow them on at about 8-10 degrees centigrade.

I’ll let you know how we get on with them!




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