One of my main goals for our growing season ahead is to become more organised so that we become really efficient and produce a better crop.

I’ll be carefully planning my jobs for each month and as I love technology so much (comes with the day job!) I’ll be using it wherever I can to better organise myself.

Starting with my seeds, I have sorted them into “sowing order” and popped them in a photo album. I’ll do a separate post on this.

Here are some great planners that I have found of help when creating my tasks for each month…

Fruit & Veg


Half hardy and Greenhouse Perennials

Hardy Perennials

Below is a screenshot of the app (wunderlist) I’m using to create my monthly to-do lists. Everything that I add into the app this year can be ticked off as I complete each item and all are set on yearly repeat, so planning should become less time consuming as the years pass.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 20.02.57.png
A screenshot from Wunderlist

We still have so much to learn so please do let us know what you’re up to this month!

Sarah x

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