First day back at the allotment this year and what a sorry sight it was too! Little and often is going to be the way forward for us this year, so I set an hour aside for some tidying up!

We really haven’t got a lot up there that could have been damaged by the storms but there was netting and fleece that had ripped away and making the place look untidy, this I tackled first.

Then, a job that I had been meaning to do for a while, weeding in between the leeks, a little tedious but necessary non the less! Hope fully I will be able to keep the competition at bay for these little ones hand have a big fat crop come the autumn!


The onions (next to the leeks) will also need doing soon too. Although they aren’t too bad at the moment.

I was pleased to noticed the emergence of the elephant garlic!

With the 20 minutes that I had left I managed to winter dig quite a good stretch of another bed, but as you’ll see from the picture, I still have lots left to do!


Always plenty to be getting on with any time of year, I’m now going to check the weather forecast and plan when my next stint is going to be!

2 thoughts on “Back to it…Weeding the Leeks!”

    1. Thank you, I’ve been running on the treadmill during the bad weather, I can’t tell you how much more I enjoy this exercise! I think around there is going to be the little patches for the kids where they can grow whatever they want in two metre squares. I’ve not quite finished my plan yet though, I’ll put it in a post when I have. Thanks for reading xx

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