When we first embarked on growing our own potatoes, we found that’s there a little more to it than chucking them in. I’m talking first earlies, earlies and main crop. 

To keep things simple, we plant our earlies and first earlies in March; they are ready in the early summer (new potatoes). Early to plant, early to harvest!

Our main crop we sow a month later in April and harvest in the late summer and Autumn (this year, we are growing Maris Piper).

When it comes to harvesting, we tend to wait for the plants to flower and for the foliage to die back. Then we take a peek; if they look ready, we start taking what we need for the kitchen. Ensuring that we have all of the crop out and stored by about November.

This year we will be sowing another batch in tubs in the greenhouse around August, with the hope of providing some tasty new potatoes for Christmas dinner. 

I shall keep you updated!

Sarah | diggingtheearth.org.uk

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