Now that the strawberries have well and truly “gone over” I decided to tidy up the patch by cutting back all of this years foliage, along the way I gathered up the multitude of runners that had developed. Most of them had rooted within the straw of the bed and were easy enough to put to one side.


With the current patch tidy, and a mass of healthy runners, a new patch was in order! We didn’t manage to completely fill the plot this year (although we did come close) so I felt we were able to allow another bed for our fave fruit!


After weeding the bed that I had in mind, armed with a board to stand on and a little trowel I popped in quite a few rows of little plants.

img_0031After gaining a little more experience in this allotment business we have learnt to not necessarily try to grow everything but to focus more on the foods that we really enjoy. We’re also beginning to get a feel for the kind of yield we can expect.

As I have said from the moment we began though, we’ll just get stuck in and learn as we go!

Sarah X

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