It’s blissful to be back on the plot again, and I’m beginning to understand the “gluts” that people have spoken about. Our first year “in production” gave us some fruit and veg which I was thrilled with but definitely not more than we could cope with.

I am noticing though, that our raspberries are very productive this year, I can clear the bushes one day, go back the next and there are another few punnets ready again…fabulous stuff!!

We’re very keen on the nutri-bullet in our house, so the main thing for us is to get them washed and into the freezer ready for those winter smoothies and a taste of late summer! Maybe it’s me but I have noticed that when pulled off the plant, the fruit turns very quickly and we often see it go to waste, I think in snipping the fruit off though (like dead heading) it does last a little longer. I’ve also read that a white vinegar bath can help preserve fruit naturally.


People complain that shop bought fruit goes off quickly, when that happens to me, it’s a reassuring sign that not too many nasties have been sprayed on it!

Now that we’ve got the plot in ‘proper’ production my thoughts are turning to other ways of using our berries…flavoured vodka, cakes, puddings, jams and ice-creams maybe?! We will certainly continue in our organic ways and work out how to speed up our storage process!

Sarah x


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