A birthday party invite last weekend took us out into the pouring rain to drop our little man off for fun in the woods (a great party idea by the way). Not having a lot else to do, me, hubby and little lady thought we’d take a nature walk of our own.

Despite the opening of the heavens we donned our coats and wellies and headed off into the woods in the area of Milltown, Derbyshire, the home of an old quarry “Milltown Quarry”. A gorgeously green and lush area that still bore the marks of quarrying days gone by with some ironworks and tunnels that nature has long since claimed back.

We came across lots of easily accessible streams which proved a great hit for a paddle (wellies on!) and a huge amount of wild garlic that filled the air with its scent, amplified by the rain. Some gorgeous trees and flowers were also spotted (please comment if you know what they are).

The rain eventually went off and the walkways began steaming, all in all, I think we were reminded of this quote…

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”
Alfred Wainwright, A Coast to Coast Walk: A Pictorial Guide

…and in future, we’re not going to let a bit of rain stop us from getting out and about!


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