Shortly after taking on the allotment, just over a year ago, I have more and more been learning to look at rubbish a little differently!

Just recently I have been making use, as I’m sure many do, of yogurt pots and food trays, everything suddenly seems to be a vessel for sowing seeds when you look at it with allotmenteering eyes!

I am particularly pleased with the tray that some cup cakes came in (pictured), as it has a lid it makes a fantastic little propagator for seeds!

Also, we have some old plastic storage tubs…turned upside down for instant cold frames/cloches. I’m sure it’s an old one but plastic bottles make brilliant cloches for individual little plants too! We also plan to make a pond from an old plastic dog bed.

Some parts of an old canvas wardrobe were recently “reshaped” and covered with adhesive plastic (carpet covering) and bubble wrap to create a make-shift cold frame.


Hubby has very kindly requested that some waste wood from work be taken for our allotment (they were happy to oblige). Lots of companies pay for disposal of wood / pallets / cardboard etc… and would be happy for you to take some, always worth asking!

“One man’s rubbish may be another’s treasure”

There’s lots of inspiration about, I love this facebook group… “rubbish made useful for gardens allotments”. It’s pretty fun to get the kids joining in on repurposing items that are ready for the bin, they have some brilliantly creative ideas!

6 thoughts on “Looking at Rubbish a Little Differently!”

  1. Love the makeshift cold frame! I really enjoy repurposing rubbish into stuff for the garden and reusing things I find. It’s a chance to be creative and save money. What’s not to like!?

  2. Great post Sarah! Ever since I got my plot I look at every bit of rubbish or wood and think if it could be of any use, it feels a bit sad but you find some many useful things for free! Have a great week x

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