I can’t quite believe it’s been a whole year since we first heard the phrase ‘winter digging’! Yes, that’s rights I’d never heard of it before! Now, the green figured creature that I am becoming day dreams about it quite frequently, every day that I spend at my desk or that it’s raining at the weekend, I’m pondering  “I really should be winter digging now”.

I’ve not researched very much into the type of digging that I should be doing or really given much thought to improving our soil structure, although I have tried my hand at some green manure this month. Other than that I’m concentrating on my constant battle with the weeds, we have lots and lots of deep tap rooted weeds, mainly dandelion, dock and horse radish, which despite being dug over in some areas several times are still very persistent.

I’m really hoping that perhaps after our second year, it will become easier to keep on top of the weeds, especially with our use of weed proof membrane whenever possible.

There’s some great info on winter digging from the BBC here.

So here’s to winter diggers across the land, may your back (and your coffee) stay strong!

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