Easter Ground Preparations

We are not particularly big fans of either method of dig or no dig and are pretty open minded to both still, continuing to experiment as we go along, this gives us somewhat of a patchwork plot, some covered with a layer of organic matter for the winter, some parts covered with plastic and membrane and others simply winter dug over. I quite like the variety.

Patching Up the Greenhouses

I decided rather than put them straight into the bin and in the true spirit of allotmenteering! I’d take them to the plot and see if I could find a use for them.

The Allotment in Spring Time!Β 

It’s been a busy time of things here! This spring is the first that I’ve actually been able to get some seeds started ready for the allotment and we’re all finding it very exciting! Our first spring on the plot was a little less organised, not for lack of hard work, but we just didn’t…

Happy New Year Allotmenteers!

  There’s a part of me that is usually a little deflated after Christmas. As we always say, all of that planning and build up and it’s over in a flash! After our first full year of being plot owners, I’m happy to say that the January blues have been replaced with excitement, planning and…