For a while now we have been struggling with moving stuff between the house and the allotment, whether it be seedlings that I have started off at home or larger items like slabs or fence posts.

In my wisdom I bought a fiat 500c, just after we took on the allotment, not a great choice! Despite having a larger car (hubbies) it’s not always around to go ‘allotment shopping’, so these days, whatever I can I order online and have it delivered to the house. The problem had become getting it from the house to the allotment. Only a ten minute walk but it can feel like hours when you’re carrying something heavy!

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Those that know me will also remember that I’m somewhat of an Amazon addict. So this was my first (and only) port of call in looking for a solution.  It was here that I spotted this fantastic garden trolley made by Draper, sold on Amazon and dispatched by Richard Dyer.

I wasn’t disappointed, fast delivery and after a little fiddling with the locking bolts to get the thing together, it works a dream, super sturdy and easy to manoeuvre and can manage weights of up to 200kg!

I now finally feel I can give my car a proper clean and spare it from have grubby allotment tools etc.

All is well again!

You can buy the trolley here.


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