I don’t think it’s uncommon for allotmenteers to tend to their plots sporadically, for those of us that attempt to juggle work, family and the allotment, it can sometimes be a struggle to keep all of those balls in the air! This has certainly been the case for me of late.

After a summer of hard work, and a plot to be proud of, work life took over and we didn’t manage to get there as much as we like. Along came the storms too and we are left with a plot with lots of weeds, mess and damage. Although we did manage a fairly decent harvest!

So what have we done about it?

For a start, we had three plots, in brief, I took on a second plot but when the neighbouring plot became available, I really loved the idea of joining two together rather than having two separate spaces so took the neighbouring plot on also. I had an original plan that the separate plot would then become an orchard / fruit plot and we began planing fruit trees but in reality, I’ve not had the time to look after them all well. We have given up the separate plot and have this week replanted the fruit trees on ‘the main plot’, taken down the fencing that we put up and have left the area tidy. I’ve had a chat with the fella that’s taking it on and told him that despite our year not being up, I’m more than happy for him to have it early and get cracking, which he has! So, less space to tend to, and a single 500 metre square space to deal with, much better!

The greenhouse that was very badly storm damaged we are now in the process of taking down and are using the bits from it to repair our other greenhouse. It is very much a patchwork creation of recycled items but it is doing the job and is standing firm compared to our other structures! Now that the holes are filled and it’s had a good clear out, we are ready for some action again in there. I’m thinking of trying some winter salad in pots in there.

I still have potatoes to lift, which I really must get a move on with, other than those, it’s very much a case of strimming, weeding and covering. I’m not going to get too stressed about getting winter veg in this time in favour of getting the place neat, tidy and ready to roll in the spring.

In entering our fourth year of organic growing, I fully appreciate the highs and lows of allotment life!