We generally find it quite challenging to get our ‘hands on’ manure. Partly because I don’t have the contacts for good quality cow manure, which we’d prefer and partly because collecting the quantity that we need ourselves isn’t practical, plus it would cost a lot!

So, with this in mind, I have been trying various methods to nourish the soil ‘on-site’ without too much in the way of cumbersome deliveries.

These are:

  • Bags of chicken manure pellets, easy to manage in small packets and concentrated, so a little goes a long way.
  • Making our own compost.
  • Spreading of green manure seeds and then digging it in – this is something I need to try again; our first lot didn’t germinate brilliantly
  • Spreading comfrey leaves (on top and in the bottom of plantings).
  • Making Comfrey Tea

To make comfrey tea, I have a large tub available next to a comfrey plant, and periodically (there’s no time pattern) cut the plant down and stuff it into the container. So far there has been enough rainwater to keep the tub topped up. This method makes a very concentrated fertiliser that I add a sloosh of to my watering can before topping up with tap water.

We have had varying success with the above methods, the failings, I think, are down to me not doing enough of them rather than them not being effective methods. I’m going to start a new gardening journal, and I shall be ensuring that fertilising, along with compost making is higher on my agenda than it has been in the past. At the back end of last year, I also set a dedicated comfrey bed, ready for action this year!

I’d love to hear your methods!


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