It’s been a hectic couple of months here, between me having a month out of action with pneumonia to lots of work demands, not a lot has been happening at the plot at all. We managed to do some general tidying, covering over much of the ground and cleared out the sheds but apart from that very little has happened. Thankfully, if there’s going to be a part of the year that you’re a bit slow, this was the best time of the year to have it but I’m positively itching to get back in action!

The Month Ahead

As you’d expect, it’s still very cold here in Derbyshire, it’s snowing as I write this. This month, for me is going to be all about planning and preparation.

Here’s my rough list of jobs:

  • Make a list of fruit and veg that we could grow this year, that we actually want to eat!
    Now, I know that may sound obvious, but sometimes we get swept up in what looks great on the plot, forgetting that the whole purpose it to eat it! For example, we have been growing far too many broad beans and not enough onions, garlic and peas, which we eat far more of.
  • Take stock of the seeds that we have.
    We have quite a collection and I’m not sure if they’ll be at their best for much longer. For example, all of the flowers are going to be sown, hopefully the bees will thank us for it.
  • Order/shop for anything that’s missing from our first list of requirements.
  • Tidy the greenhouse and prepare any bubble wrap and plastic covering (that I have been saving) ready for a little added protection when I finally get sowing.
  • Possibly build a small outdoor cooking area.
    When we have managed to make it to the plot, the kids have loved having their tea cooked outside. I’m thinking of a sheltered spot that I can pop the camping stove in when we need it.
  • Create a plan of the layout. I must admit that I do this every year and more often than not I ignore it!

Time Planning

There’s no doubt that we are a little out of swing of things at the moment, and looking at the diary, I wonder how we normally fit having an allotment in but I know that we do and that the little and often approach usually works for us. I will be planning my week as usual with ical and my bullet journal and with the late afternoon’s getting that bit lighter, I can see where we can get to the plot for an hour or even half an hour here and there.

It’s amazing what we can fit in when we put our mind to it!