Mr. Fothergill’s Broad Bean Aquadulce

I usually start off our broad beans in the greenhouse and when they reach a good size, move them outside but I have noticed that the plants, despite having a good start, always end up rather small!

This year I have decided to direct-sow outside, and then cover. Fingers crossed that this may give us some hardier, better sized plants, we’ll see!

Sowing 2″ Deep

Having sown around 6 inches apart I carefully backfilled with the rake and then covered with some tunnel protection that we’ve had for a few years now.

Protective tunnel

Last year, despite creating quite an elaborate framework with canes for the plants, they still took a battering in the winds. In looking at the sorry state that is the remains of the second green house (that we tried to rescue) I thought that perhaps we could put the aluminium framework to some good use. Using a mallet and fence post rammer, I have created the beginnings of support for what I hope will be our little broad bean patch.

Tunnel with Aluminium ‘stakes’ (old greenhouse)

Once the weather warms up and hopefully the growth is high enough, I will wrap some jute around the frame to offer support.

We’re a little later than usual with the broad beans, how and when do you sow to achieve your best crop?