It’s hard to believe that it’s approaching the end of August, the children will soon be back at school and the nights well and truly drawing in. The allotment is far from what I would be happy with in terms of appearance and organisation but despite the unusually warm weather we have done better than ever in terms of crop! I’m beginning to notice that more and more of our meals are made up almost entirely of home grown veg, it’s saving a fortune to just to be adding protein and grain/carbs to meals.

Holidays have been and gone, Gozo was stunning, it’s funny though that we spend almost a year looking forward to two weeks of the year, which are brilliant and completely relaxing but a few summer weeks at the plot are also thoroughly enjoyable. I really try to appreciate these days with the kids as I know that nothing stays the same for ever and they’ll soon both be off doing their own thing, although I hope we have done enough for them to retain a love for growing their own veg.

We are still very much in learning mode and something that I have been very keen to improve on is our production of winter veg. We have in the past managed to grow sprouts fairly successfully each year, but when it comes to winter meals, there has to be more to life than sprouts! This August I am planning ahead with some more sowings of cabbage and have transformed our grow tunnel to house it. I have also made some late sowings of beetroot, salad, carrots and this week we will be putting some potatoes in for Christmas.

There are so many places on the internet to check out what to ‘sow this month’ so I’ll not write out our entire list of options but here’s some of the places I have been looking, along with my allotment books.

Thompson and Morgan


Gardeners World

I look forward to the dark nights planning and sketching out ideas, dreaming of the spring ahead!