It’s been a couple of weeks now since a super exciting event happened in the Digging the Earth world…an appearance on national radio! Who can believe that?!

Just an ordinary Monday, on which I’d scheduled in some non work appointments, a hair cut and coffee with a friend, turned into a whirlwind of excitement when I was invited on to BBC Radio Five Live’s Drive Time, In Depth Discussion, that very evening.


Absolutely terrified but knowing I’d be kicking myself if I turned down an opportunity like that I quickly changed my plans to get myself to my nearest BBC Radio Studio, Derby and what allotment holder can resist a chat about gardening anyway, even if there are thousands listening!

When live, we discussed the usual allotment and gardening type, younger people and families taking up allotments and advice for those that just don’t know where to start!

If you’d like to hear the fear in my voice, you can listen here (around 2 hours 35 minutes in to the programme), it will be available online for a limited time only.


Sarah x