Month: October 2015

Do it Your Way

10th October 2015 0

Many a time I have been merrily going about my business at the allotment and have stopped for a chat with well-meaning passers by, other lottie holders with many many years of experience under their belt. Invariably I will be told that something I’m doing is not quite right, the thing at the moment seems…

By Digging the Earth

Green Manure

9th October 2015 0

Overwinter Nitrogen Fixing Rye Vetch Mix Today the main task was the bean bed. This year I had used this space for potatoes so it was ready for a good clear up and my first sowing of some green manure. I went on somewhat of a mission to get this dug over and weeded! Almost…

By Digging the Earth

Sowing Arctic King Lettuce

8th October 2015 5

This morning I checked the weather and upon seeing that it looked great I decided to have a little reschedule and get myself up to the allotment! One of the perks of working for myself and at home is that I’m able to switch to working afternoons and evenings and make the most of the…

By Digging the Earth