Many a time I have been merrily going about my business at the allotment and have stopped for a chat with well-meaning passers by, other lottie holders with many many years of experience under their belt.

Invariably I will be told that something I’m doing is not quite right, the thing at the moment seems to be overwintering, I’m told there’s no point in it and that nothing will be ready any quicker than if I put it in, in the spring. That may be so but the way I see it is that it will give me more time in the spring to do the things that absolutely can’t be done now.

Running a business gives me far less time to spend at the allotment than I would like (OK I’d like it as a full time job, but that’s another story). To get things done when I have the chance would be crazy to pass up on. I hear the same people saying that there’s not much to be done this time of year, to me there seems there is always plenty to be done. Maybe I’m just not as efficient as them or maybe I will come round to the same way of thinking in a few years.

I think the point is to just a take it on the chin and experiment with your own methods, don’t be afraid of doing things ‘differently’ and don’t think badly of people that try to tell you how to do it, there can be gems of advice in there and they are really just sharing their knowledge so that you can do well. 

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